BeGeo 2020

Gezien de actuele situatie zijn we genoodzaakt BeGeo 2020 te verplaatsen.

Nieuwe datum is 27 oktober 2020.
We danken jullie voor het begrip en wensen iedereen veel positivisme in tijden van Corona.

Automatic inventory of any terrain object using deep learning on Plan3D.

Start: 11h45
15 minuten - 15 minutes

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Tom Vansteelandt Engels - Anglais All visitors of BeGeo Vansteelandt BVBA

Beschrijving - Discription

With our own Special Mission Platform aircrafts, Vansteelandt continuously captures up-to-date 3D field data. In addition to orthomosaics (GSD 3-4 cm), the Plan3D product also includes oblique oriented photo images. Based on a large number of images from different angles, and/or LIDAR data recorded at the same time, an accurate point cloud is built. The combination of these orthomosaics, oblique imagery and LIDAR data offers an unique 3D view and an unrivaled data source for automated feature extraction using novel deep learning approaches.

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