BeGeo 2020

Gezien de actuele situatie zijn we genoodzaakt BeGeo 2020 te verplaatsen.

Nieuwe datum is 27 oktober 2020.
We danken jullie voor het begrip en wensen iedereen veel positivisme in tijden van Corona.

Should we let spatial big-data speak by themselves? Learning from the circulation of trucks in Belgium (Viapass data).

Start: 13h45
25 minuten - 25 minutes

Groupe cible
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Arnaud Adam and Isabelle Thomas Eng All UCL

Beschrijving - Discription

In 2016 Belgium introduced a compulsory Kilometres Charge System for each truck circulating in the country. Through an On-Board Unit (OBU), geographical locations of all trucks are collected every 30 seconds, as well as some other characteristics (amongst other the hour, the velocity and the direction).
Although Geographers have always dreamed about this completeness circulation information, transforming a database initially developed for taxation purposes into a specific one with clear spatial scientific objectives is a challenge that raises several general methodological issues. Beside discussing these biases and their consequences, this talk aim at illustrating some of the numerous difficulties encountered when pre-processing the data, but also some results associated to transport geography issues (circulation of the trucks, deliveries, trajectories, Origin-Destination structures, .. )