BeGeo 2020

27 oktober 2020

VirtualEvent, the solution for multimodal travel planners.

Nele Dedene (Departement Mobiliteit en Openbare Werken, chairwoman of the MMTIS PSA working group),
Jasper Beernaerts (NGI) and Laura Kupers (NGI). is the Belgian national access point (NAP) for information on passenger transport for each of the transport methods, this being for both transport services that work to a timetable and for on-demand transport services. The aim of this national platform is to centeralise the access to all available datasets on passenger transport in Belgium. In this way, the NAP aims to make it possible for travel information service suppliers and producers of digital maps to design multi-modal travel planners. This will make door-to-door travel in the European Union easier and advance the 'modal shift'. The datasets originate from all possible parties in both the public an the private sector